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TrenchWorld is a 2D Space simulation focused on base building, exploring, gathering resources and shooting things.

From a top down perspective you are placed in command of a fierce battle cruiser that can be upgraded with materials found through out space. By mining materials in the vastness of space you can bolster your defenses and expand your base, upgrade weponry, obtain new hulls, and deploy different builds for the mission at hand.

Battle tough A.I. factions and expand your control over your corner of space. TrenchWorld features an immense procedurally generated universe that is ideal for exploiting and conquering.

Please understand that as of now the infrastructure of the game is the only thing available. Updates will occur weekly.

This game is meant to be played with a gamepad. 

Follow the progress of Trench World on its development tracking site.

Follow new features, bug fixes, and future plans here. This is hosted as a Pivotal Tracker Project and is open for everyone to see. 


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